The Cloud

Moving to the cloud requires a comprehensive cloud strategy. Most importantly your application needs should drive your cloud strategy. To effectively move to the cloud you may use several strategies such as:

Public cloud first
Hybrid Cloud
Or MultiCloud

You also want your cloud environment to be:

And Agile

We make your cloud secure, efficient, scalable and agile!

How about Security in the Cloud?

Moving your infrastructure to the cloude does now relive you you of our responsbility to protect customer, employe and business data. We are still responsible to securring organizational and customer data.

Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking and securing digital assets. Legacy security architecture doesn’t work anymore.
Involving your security team from inception of your cloud project is usually the best way to migrate to the cloud. Unfortunately, security team are the last to know about cloud migration efforts.

Best and effective protection from modern attacks requires more than just your regular access control, regular access control is not enough, you need real-time inspection and security capabilities. Adaptive security operations can enable cloud innovation yet at the same time enable scales on demand or elasticity.
A good Cloud security Architecture that is unified, efficient, agile, elastic and robust.
Our cloud services range from cloud managed wireless, Cloud Managed Network and a Cloud Managed Enterprise. Our SD-WAN services provide you increased bandwidth, lower your cost of operation and improve Reliability

We can help your organization migrate to the cloud with confidence by:

Helping you build a healthy IT Cloud Strategy
Develop good Cloud Security best practices
Build good Cloud IT management
Assess your existing IT Cloud infrastructure
Migrate applications into the cloud
Secure SaaS mailbox services using CCP encryption
Develop MPLS architecture for data centers and the cloud
Cloud Managed 802.11n Wireless LAN

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