Banking systems, drones, airplanes, medical data, hospitals tend to have one thing in common, they all tend to use very old equipment. They are all connected to a similar infrastructures that makes us vulnerable. Cyber security is not just  about dealing with computer networks. Cyber security is about protecting technologies and infrastrucures that sustain our lives.  Curent Cyber threats require next generation security tools. Its time to upgrade if you still have 2-3 Gen firewall tools to 5th Generation Firewalls.

The future of Cyber Security is here!

We provide Security Platforms and solutions for your business security needs using world's fastest Threat Prevention platforms. Our solutions are carrier-class next generation Threat Prevention and Firewall solutions. Through our Security solutions, we provide the security you need today and into the future. We will help you integrate and implement IT solutions with new and advanced solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud. Our scalable platforms enable you to continue to grow your business, even when traffic volume or security landscape and requirements continue to change and escalate, with our security solutions we will help you to easily scale up the system capacity.

With stories about hackers, botnets, phishing, and breaches, it’s easy for security awareness messages to sound over-used and tired. However, studies, surveys, and breach analysis repeatedly show that the human factor or what users and employees do, or don’t do can be one of the biggest assets or threats to information security in an organization. To put it simply, humans or "U" are the weakest link in information security.
Information security starting with information security awareness programs are not just a good idea as part of a good information security program, they are required by various regulations such as, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry (PCI), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) CyberSecurity Framework. We at YOITPRO can help you become compliant.

Online attacks can be stopped by selecting and implementing good security controls.Good security controls should be selected in light of threats and vulnerabilities in order to protect information assets. Security controls involve technology, process, and action.

Defense-in-depth solutions to protect you from your adversaries

Our services focus on security domains for physical and virtual systems. We offer:

  • Firewall design and implementation
  • Network-based firewalls
  • Application-based firewalls
  • Host-based firewalls
  • Network security design and implementation.
  • DNS protection.                                                 
  • Implementing administrative and behavioral security controls.
  • Protecting email clients and email client vulnerabilities.
  • Web browser hardening and protection.
  • Wi-Fi security.
  • Cloud-based security.
  • End-to-End data encryption.
  • Network vulnerability testing.

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